hipHuawei 〓unveils wor●ld's first 5G c

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for 5G a●greed to by teleco〓ms industry giant○s last year."The ◆company is work●ing with over 30 of● the world's t◆op operator○s to further c〓ooperation in 5■

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G area, as our ○partners i◆ncluding V〓odafone, British T○elecom, Soft〓Bank and T-○Mobile," said ○Richard Yu, CEO of◆ Huawei's Cons○umer Busines●s Group.Huawei

world's● first

is r●eportedly 〓planning to l◆aunch a 5G phone 〓with the new chips●et in the s●econd half of t●he year.Please sca〓n the QR Co●de to follow us■ on Instag◆ram

5G comm◆ercial

Please scan th■e QR Code to fol〓low us on Wecha■tHuawei, NTT Do○como achieve br◆eakthrough in 5G fi◆eld trialHuawei, NTT■ Docomo ach〓ieve breakthrough ●in 5G f

chip02-2〓7-2018 15:36 BJ

TChi■nese mobile

ield tria●lHuawei, NTT Docomo◆ achieve breakthr●ough in 5G fi●eld trial12-20-■2017 14:27 BJTHuawei●, a Chines●e telecommun●ications giant●, and NTT Do●como Inc, J●apan's largest te○lecommunications c■ompany, have succe■ssfully complet◆ed a joint field tri◆al for 5G 〓mobile communi○

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